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Rules for daily rent


1.1. Preliminary applications are accepted by phone on the website specified or in electronic form.

1.2. One day before arrival you make a test call to the Administrator to confirm and activate your application.

1.3. If you need a transfer (additional service), you should inform the Administrator in advance.

1.4. Terms of reservation cancellation:

 Advance payment is not refundable if you reported the cancellation of the reservation less than 5 days before arrival date. In the period of May and New Year holidays advance payment is not refundable.


Payment is accepted in rubles by any of the following methods:

- by cash payment

- by cashless payments

- by bank international Western Union system

- by Yandex Purse


3.1. Check-out time is the time of calculation of days stay.

Check-out time: check-in from 2 pm, chec- out at 12 am (noon).

3.2. Early check-in

Early check-in means moving in before 2 pm, before the beginning of the check-out time (provided that the previous day is free). Payment is hourly if early check-in is not more than 6 hours.

3.3. Late check-out

Late check-out means the release of the apartment after checkout time, that is after 12 pm, provided that the following day is free. Late check-out from the apartment is paid hourly.


4.1. One day before check-in, please contact us in any way convenient for you and confirm the arrival.

4.2. According to the specifics of daily rent apartments, estimated time of day is from 2 pm. If you need to change the time, inform our managers in advance. We ask to take into account you have to pay for early check-in additionally if you occupy an apartment before 2 pm.

4.3. When you check-in, you must have an identification document (passport, driver license) to fill in the guest questionnaire.

4.4 At the coordination of the time with the Administrator, our manager gives you the keys to the apartment only in the day of check-in.

4.5. According to the established rules, you have to leave a deposit of daily living for some apartments with expensive appliances. This deposit is returned at the checkout if no damage to property.

4.6. You pay for the Manager (Administrator) all the period of accommodation specified when booking.

4.7. Tenants are fully responsible for the safety of the property and received keys.

4.8. Lessor reserves the right to make periodic monitoring of the apartment in the presence of the Tenant, warning him in advance.

4.9. Living rules prohibit to sing loud, scream, switch on audio and video equipment at full capacity, make noise when using production equipment and tools, explosive materials and fireworks and other loud-speaking systems, make a noise in the streets, homes, apartments, on the houses adjoining areas and recreation areas at night from 10 pm to 8 am. In case if the neighbors notify of a failure of these requirements, agency representatives have the right to evict tenants immediately without returning of payment and explanation of the reasons.

4.10. Guest shall be liable for actions of third parties being in the apartment with his knowledge.

4.11. Smoking in the apartment is prohibited.

4.12. When you check in for a long period, a planned cleaning is included in payment. It is carried out three days later on the fourth one (including changing of bedding and towels). One day before the cleaning, please contact the Manager and clarify the time of cleaning. You can order daily cleaning for an additional fee, after agreeing with our managers.

4.13. The price for apartment includes: using bed linen and kitchen utensils, towels and personal hygiene items in the bathroom.

4.14. For additional fee, the lessor can provide an extra bed.


5.1. To prolong the apartment rent, you should inform in advance.

5.2. Prolongation on account of the collateral is not made.

5.3. At the end of the period of residence guest is required to vacate the apartment before check-out time.

 5.4. The prolongation is possible only when there is no reservation for this apartment. If there are free apartment we can provide it to the guest if necessary:

 If you want to leave the apartment earlier, you should inform our Administrator not later than one day prior to the intended departure. If you inform later refund for following day is not made.

 In case of early departure and timely notification, you receive a refund for the unlived day minus penalty equal to the cost of one day.

5.5. By the time of check-out, Manager comes to you, examines the apartment, refunds deposit, gives all reporting documents.


Because the apartments are in buildings that are part of the city's infrastructure, they do not have their own independent sources of energy, water and telecommunications. The agency is not responsible for the quality of services in Murmansk. The above services can be temporarily not available in the case of repairs of conformity services. In this situation, we can provide other suitable option in the case of free apartments.


All our apartments are divided into 3 categories:

  • Comfort
  • Luxe
  • VIP

Assigning a category, we took into account only the condition of the apartment (furniture, equipment), conformity of layout to the modern requirements, design of an interior, quality and value of the materials used in the repair, the availability of additional benefits (shower, plasma TV), and also house condition.

We didn`t take into account such factors as location of the house, the infrastructure of area, number of beds, floor.

We wish you a pleasant stay!



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